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Sophie and Frankie

Sophie and Frankie

Minutes old, home water birth





Sophie - Hypnobirthing homebirth in the water

"We recently had a couple of one-to-one sessions with May to help with the birth of our second baby. Despite a positive homebirth, using similar Hypnobirthing techniques for our first child, as the due date came closer I was starting to get anxious. I’d been so busy with work and family life I wasn’t feeling prepared psychologically or physically for the impending birth ahead. Having May come to our home felt like a real luxury. Her positive mindset, knowledge and enthusiasm put us both at ease instantly and by the time she had finished we were both feeling enthused and excited for the birth ahead. It was so helpful getting that private attention to go through the details of our previous birth and talk through any anxieties I had with this birth.

I would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone having a baby but particularly to those having a homebirth. We welcomed our second baby to the world at home on Boxing Day and it was a positive, empowering and beautiful experience (made even better that May was on call that day too). The breathing techniques meant that I was able to remain calm throughout, keep those important oxytocin levels high and continued to have faith in my body and my baby throughout the delivery. Thank you May, you totally helped me move from a place of anxiety to a place of positivity, faith and excitement and can’t recommend you enough."

Tiffany Dawson

"I did the Hypnobirthing course with May and Jan and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Hypnobirthing is such a powerful tool to have during labour. Learning about the physical changes happening to your body was so useful, paired with the breathing techniques enabled me to have the calm, relaxed birth I had hoped for. My husband attended the course with me which was so beneficial for us both. We are very grateful to May and Jan for sharing their knowledge and experience with us."

Becka Coates

"My husband and I attended the September round of Hypnobirthing classes. We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the advice, guidance and top tips learnt from May and Jan in these sessions, we naturally delivered a 9lb baby boy yesterday. You take what you want from the class but personally and in reality for me was the strength in breathing technique you can have, the choices you have available to you and that those choices are yours entirely, and that knowledge is power! Both May and Jan are amazing women and give you such a sense of power and 'I can do this!' feeling that, for me as a first time mum, I went into birth feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever I was to face. I would entirely recommend this course to anyone who is having a baby and open to all realms of possibility in birth. Thanks ladies, from a brand new mumma! Xxx"

Abbie Phillips

"From a previous skeptic... I started Hypnobirthing classes with May and Jan being openly skeptic about the methods and really unsure whether I could buy into it at all. Honestly I still felt that way throughout the course but listened and learnt an awful lot about the choices I had for me and my baby during labour which I had no clue about before. I thought this was the most that I had taken away from the course until it came to the day I went into labour. The early stages of labour were drawn out over days which left me tired when it finally came to the main event. Using the breathing techniques learnt during the course, I took on 24 hours of labour with my waters being broken and having an induction drip. I can honestly say that I barely felt any ‘pain’ during this time taking each surge as it came and moving on to the next. I managed the whole labour with a short period of gas and air, when before I had believed I would be begging for everything the hospital could give me in the form of pain relief! Big thank you to May and Jan for everything I learnt which helped me to stay calm and focused throughout my labour!! If you can convince me, you can convince anyone that this really does work!!! xx"


Amazing mama Ellie and baby Zephie

“Zephie Neoma Le Miere arrived at 8:10pm in our home on the 15th of October. I was in early labour for about 36 hours which felt slow but using the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques we had learnt I stayed calm and felt excited with every contraction which passed that I was closer to meeting our baby. A couple of hours of more intense contractions passed but I was able to breath through them and I felt really positive in between each. 

My waters went around 8pm and my husband helped me to the toilet to get changed when I suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to push. I held onto my husband as he encouraged me to breath baby down and a few deep breaths later I was beyond amazed that her head was out! Another few intense breaths and Zephie was caught by our midwife and quickly passed up to me to hold. I feel like one of the reasons that this last part happened so quickly was because of the use of powerful visualisations we had learnt through hypnobirthing.

Compared to the birth of my first daughter where I didn’t feel in control of the decisions that were made, and at times frightened, this birth was an absolute dream. I strongly believe my bad experience of birth with my first baby had a huge impact on me having post natal depression afterwards but I feel like this positive birth has healed my previous experience and has set our family up as positively as possible for the beginning of our new chapter together.

So many people say ‘as long as mum and baby are ok then that’s all that matters’ and although I totally agree with that being by far the most important thing, I now know that your birthing experience can have a huge impact on everything that unfolds afterwards. Because of that I couldn’t be happier that we decided to take the hypnobirthing classes we did - they were literally life changing.”

....And in Ellie’s own words, her birth “couldn’t have gone more perfectly” - this story shows that positive birth DOES exist!

Hazel Ord

"This course was life changing! I went on this course won’t knowing entirely what to expect, but knowing I was anxious and apprehensive about giving birth and thought I knew what I wanted. After attending this course, not only have I changed my mind on what I want, but I actually feel excited about the birth now! The course covers a lot of need-to-know information surrounding births, including every option available. The tutors are amazing, informative, and answered any and all questions the group had. I’m honestly so glad I did this course and recommend it to everyone! It’s a need-to-do course!"

“I couldn’t recommend KG Hypnobirthing with May enough. We opted for private sessions as my husband travels a lot and May was able to tailor the sessions to our hectic schedule. As a practicing midwife, May’s extensive experience and knowledge also complimented the course content perfectly and she has been a constant source of reassurance and positivity.

With only a week to go until my due date, Hypnobirthing has taken all fear out of childbirth for me. I am now excited about labour and feel incredibly calm and relaxed. My husband and I also feel fully prepared and well informed to handle anything that may arise on the day.

Hypnobirthing has made me focus my mind on how the body is perfectly designed to deal with childbirth and now I can’t wait to experience labour and meet our baby!”

Melloney Bond (first baby)

Newborn Sleeping


First time mama - Home Birth of baby Valentina

"I found out about the Postive Birth Jersey Hypnobirthing course through social media and I was very intrigued to find out more about it as there were always so many positive reviews - it was very eye catching. I also knew a couple of people who had been on the course and they all said great things about it.

The name 'Hypnobirthing' however, put me off, especially because of my beliefs and religion - my Mum also felt the same. I wanted both my husband and my Mum at the birth, and I wanted them to attend the course with me but firstly I needed my Mum to agree that she'd be present. So before making a decision I contacted May to ask about the course and asked if at any point I'd be put under hypnosis. May advised this wouldn't be the case and that the course was about giving me all the knowledge and tools for a positive birth. I shared this with my Mum and she just said 'let's give it a try'. My Mum's confirmation that she was okay with the course was very important to me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone ahead with it.

Having the private one to one sessions with May at home taught us so much. We all came out of the first session feeling empowered and looked forward to the next one.

The course gave me so much knowledge and helped me decide how I wanted my birth to be. It gave me the confidence to believe in my choices, strength to challenge the norm and make informed decisions throughout my pregnancy. Had I not completed this course I probably would have had a hospital birth (with that being the norm) and listened to professional advice.

Our beautiful little baby girl was born at home in a birthing pool and it was just so amazing! We even recorded it all on video. Every time I watch it back I cry. It was lovely being able to fully relax in my own environment, allowing high levels of oxytocin (the 'love' hormone) to flow! As a first time Mummy, I was in active labour for only 4 hours and just had gas and air in the last hour.

I truly believe that this course and having baby at home was the reason why I experienced such a calm, smooth and positive birth, and I am extremely happy that everything went as planned and exactly how I wanted it to.

I can't recommend this course and May enough. Thank you so so much."



"Hi May, we would like to introduce you to Tommy Jay (TJ). Born 20th September at home weighing 7lb 8oz. An amazing and beautiful experience at home, so relaxed and a far cry from Lexie's [first baby] birth. This was down to our learning from yours and Jan's teaching in the classes. It gave us the confidence to challenge questions to get the birthing experience we wanted. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you... we would not be in such a good place up to, through and after the birth. Thank you so much once again!"

(Written by dad, Steve)

Proud big sister pictured! 



and baby Olive Isabelle

"Just wanted to let you know our beautiful daughter arrived at 39 weeks, I’m am so so so happy we did the course... we can’t thank you and Jan for giving us all the help you did... We did an Aromatherapy Hypnobirth and she is the most chilled baby ever, which I definitely put down to the relaxations and affirmations which I listened to religiously every night whilst practicing my breathing techniques and definitely kept me calm too on the run up to birthing my baby. One of the best decisions we made during pregnancy was to attend the course."



Thank you to Positive Birth (May and Jan) for all the knowledge and understanding you gave to us about birth - it really helped us think about the birth process in a different light. 

My husband was very apprehensive at first about attending Hypnobirthing classes but he loved gaining the knowledge and tools to use during the birthing process, which he used to support me this time round - he made sure my breathing was slow and was great at the light touch massage. 

Being a 2nd time mum and having a difficult birth with our first, which was in hospital, a speedy 5 hour labour and a kiwi delivery - I was very nervous and scared awaiting the second birth. So for my second birth we decided on a home birth (as second births are usually quicker! Plus I wanted a relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of my own home). We also chose to have a water birth, and to my delight it all went to plan and Riley was born Saturday 6th April (2019) at 12.35pm at home in the water.

Here’s my positive birth story:

My surges began at 6 o'clock in the morning, I knew this was it so I got up, had breakfast with my daughter, made sure I was drinking water and started gathering bits together - I put Frankincense oil in a diffuser in the lounge, got a handkerchief dotted with lavender oil which I was breathing in through my surges. I closed the blinds so it was dark atmosphere and we put on relaxing music from YouTube onto the TV and my husband had his job of getting the birthing pool ready. 

The community midwife came down at 10.30am and said I was 7cm dilated already and I was ready to go into the pool - I couldn’t wait ! Once I got in the water the surges got stronger and in my head I was repeating “I can do this!” Along with my breathing , gas and air and support from my husband, our beautiful boy was born in the water and a total labour process of 2 hours!  

I was able to catch him and we decided on delayed cord clamping (which we never knew of before attending Hypnobirthing). I am so happy my husband and I got to experience a positive relaxing calm birth, so thank you so much for giving us the knowledge to have this opportunity and I would recommend this course to anyone expecting a baby, even if it’s their 2nd! It really helped us. Xx


Baby Edie, words by her mama Grace Cracke

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything! We welcomed our little girl, Edie Rose, into the world after a really wonderful and positive birth experience. After your course we felt so informed, confident and relaxed and those breathing techniques really helped us both! I was able to have the natural birth I wanted and the hynobirthing 'toolbox' is something we will continue to dive into in the future on our journey as parents. The course was possibly even more helpful for my husband who went away feeling capable of helping me and keeping things happy and calm. Would recommend 100 x over!"


Baby Harriet - another Positive Birth baby!

“Hypnobirthing and your and your course most definitely helped us. Even in the last few weeks, it helped us to make some decisions and allowed us to feel empowered to ask questions. I used lots of Hypnobirthing techniques in the early stages, especially the breathing and the aromatherapy and it allowed me to stay at home for a long time... I got her out with sheer determination and MAJOR use of hypnobirthing then too. The breathing technique you taught us really helped to get her out quickly! Overall I would say your classes REALLY helped. It wasn’t the perfect birth but it was by far so much better than it could have been. My partner says he felt it really helped him through the whole experience too. So thank you!”

"My husband and I recently completed the group hypnobirthing course. I didn’t quite know what to expect but the whole course was amazing. I started the course with a load of anxiety over the birth and how it would go. By the end, I can honestly say that anxiety is gone. Each class was so informative, covering everything you’d want in an antenatal class, but with the added benefit of the relaxation. On top of all that, I feel like I’ve definitely made some wonderful friends. Each class was filled with humour and laughter and I’m already looking forward to us all getting together again once our babies have arrived."

Jessica Williams

“We used the Hypnobirthing techniques especially in the lead up to the birth and we both agree we’ve been able to reflect with lots of positivity knowing we didn’t rush any decisions and felt very in control. Thank you so much for your support.”



"Hi May! I had my last official working day today. Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything... definitely clued me up and made me feel more secure... I hope I see you on the maternity ward - that would be amazing!"

"Dear May,
Thank you for everything you have done for us - from Hypnobirthing to aftercare! I would NOT have been able to do it in 6 hours with no pain relief had it not been for you! We are so grateful."

"We can't thank you enough for everything you have done to help us. It means so much. You do such a great job at what you do xxx"



and baby Ella

"Our little Hypno Valentines baby arrived safe and sound on 14.02.19 at 16.03.

With this being our second child, following a rather traumatic emergency c- section delivery of our first, I was keen to have the most natural birth possible & try for a VBAC. 

Following a pregnancy plagued with growth scans & varying consultant opinions on baby size, uterine rupture, induction etc - the Positive Birth course with May & Jan armed us with the tools we needed to make informed decisions on the above & plan the birth we wanted. 

I went into spontaneous labour at 40wks+6 used my relaxations, affirmation cards, breathing techniques & visualisations to gently birth her. No interventions were needed and we had the most wonderful experience! 

I fully believe the hypnobirthing techniques you taught us helped me learn to have the confidence in my body that I could totally do this & Ella is so relaxed and content too. 

Thank you so much for everything you taught us through your course - it’s really been invaluable."

"My husband and I completed the Hypnobirthing course with May and Jan and found it really informative and prepared us both for labour, which we managed with Hypnobirthing techniques and gas and air and welcomed Arlo into the world. Highly recommended!"

Jess Mulholland... and baby Arlo!


"I recently completed both the group hypnobirthing classes with May and Jan and I also attended the retreat day.
Having been recommended hypnobirthing by a number of friends, I was excited to start the classes but had little knowledge of what hypnobirthing actually entailed, or what would be included in the course content. The classes not only focussed on remaining in a relaxed state when the time comes but were also educational and covered all aspects of birth including breast feeding. I have finished the course feeling so much more educated about the birth process and I feel that both my husband and I will be able to make informed decisions whilst remaining calm. Jan and May were both lovely and approachable and I had no concerns about asking questions during the classes."

Kathryn Hardman

Lucy's story, and her baby Holly

“Hi May, so our gorgeous little girl Holly was born this morning at 1.44 and I managed to do it without any drugs, just (a lot!) of gas and air! It was a totally different experience and one I was able to take in like I hoped. I touched her head as she came out and looked at everything. It wasn’t easy at the end but we got there and I am so grateful she is here safe and sound... Thanks so much... for your teaching, which got me through two nights at home of contractions that were 15 mins apart at most. There was a lot of air balloon visulations! X”


"Thank you May. I could not recommend this course enough! It has helped myself and Mathieu prepare and really get excited about the upcoming birth of our first baby girl. I've been recommending Hypnobirthing to anyone that will listen to me!"

Kamila with her baby girl following her successful Hypnobirth!


"Dear May. Thank you for providing Jacob with a peaceful start in life. I cannot thank you enough for being kind, calm, supportive and protective... and for encouraging and believing in me! You are an incredible Midwife and warm, loving... genuinely caring. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for believing and trusting in me!"



and beautiful baby Winter Rose!

"Introducing Winter Rose. [The Hypnobirthing] helped so much... It all went fine - not to plan, but that didn't matter, we were prepared. So happy. And I loved the birth! It was an amazingly positive birth."


"I recently had a private session with May to help me tackle some anxiety issues surrounding my upcoming birth following quite a traumatic birth 4 years ago. May is such an amazingly inspiring being and I left feeling completely capable, and with added tools to help me during labour. The mindfulness that she instills is very beautiful, and we are extremely lucky here in Jersey to have such a passionate and knowledgeable woman like May wanting to help birthing women and their partners! Thank you!"


"I cannot recommend the group course more highly - I feel prepared and excited for whatever is in store when it is time to give birth. The sessions were open-minded and relaxed, giving us the time and space to learn and understand our options at such an important stage. Thank you so much."


"I went into my second pregnancy fearing giving birth because of my first birth experience but I can honestly say, after our group classes, I am excited to give birth - something I never thought you'd hear anyone say! I feel totally in control and I am looking forward to a calm and confident birth. These classes are LIFE CHANGING."


"Would highly recommend the group course. I was a little sceptical about Hypnobirthing and influenced by my experiences having previously worked on Labour Ward (as a Doctor), however the course was excellent and provides a lot of practical advise. Great that it includes all the information you'd expect from 'regular' antenatal classes, in addition to Hypnobirthing techniques so you'll go away feeling prepared. Thanks, you're brilliant!"


"Absolutely brilliant... the most loveliest of people and we were in a really nice friendly group with 4 other couples. We were not too sure if Hypnobirthing was for us but I can honestly say it was the best decision we made. We both feel like we have learnt so much and are really positive and confident about the upcoming birth of our first child. You are absolute super star Midwives and your knowledge and passion is just incredible."



Suzy Webster

"I had my last session with May today and I feel so much calmer and more prepared than I thought I would ever be able to be about giving birth. I’m far more informed about both labour and the early weeks of motherhood now.

All the scare stories I have been told (and were all I could think about) have melted away. May was perfect for me as she was not at all patronising or intimidating about any part of birth or any of my fears or questions. She didn’t steer me towards any labour choices, she just talked me through what all my options are.

The most obvious things to second time mums, are totally foreign concepts to new mums like me, and having someone take you through them and explain them to you is so helpful and reassuring. You feel far more empowered and confident as a result. You learn things you had no idea you ever needed to learn!

I’ve had great pre natal care from the hospital, but they simply don’t have time to provide you with the tailored care May can. Some of the hypnobirthing tools I will use in every day life when things are a little overwhelming, but the preparation for the day, which I would not have had without her, make me feel I will go into hospital with the best possible start and approach to motherhood. Me and my husband (and our little boy) will definitely have a better start because we did this 1:1 course with May."

"We have just finished the group course and can't recommend it enough. They give you a number of techniques to have a calm and positive birth and arm you with information to ensure you feel informed and empowered, whatever route your birth and labour takes. My attitude to birth has changed so much in four short weeks and I have gone from feeling anxious and fearful to confident and excited."



Ashleigh Seymour

"Initially I wasn’t going to do hypnobirthing, but the closer to my due date I got, I was a little bit anxious about the birth and so decided that I really wanted to learn skills and techniques that would help me, in particular in early labour at home.

We worked with May who designed our sessions specifically to our needs and for what we wanted to take from the sessions. I really enjoyed the approach that was taken by Postive Birth Jersey as it was realistic and achievable and we were provided materials to practice at home with. 

Every labour is different and I was amazed to find that the breathing and visualisation techniques that May helped me establish, I used at all stages of my labour, even stages I thought I would not use it making what I learnt completely invaluable to my birth experience. These techniques can also be used everyday and I will be sure to use them when I need to remain calm and focused.

Thank you so much Positive Birth Jersey. I thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of hypnobirthing or anyone who is a little anxious on labour to sign up. I’ll definitely be back to learn more for baby number 2 one day xxx"


Martina Melim

"I know this may sound very cliché however I was initially unsure whether to partake in hypnobirthing or not. However, more overwhelmingly than not - I did feel very uneducated when it came to this first time pregnancy, I was feeling all sorts of emotions and a little bit lost in all honesty. Many people had given me their own ‘horror story births’, opinions, wanted or unwanted and had made me extremely confused.

The group sessions were unsuitable for my partner and I as we had such busy schedules however May was amazing as she was able to tweak sessions to suit our needs, work around us, and shorten or reschedule sessions was I feeling poorly or tired. 

Aside from this, I had a pre/misconception about hypnobirthing and so did my partner. We initially thought it would revolve around meditation and hypnotism. Little did we know these sessions would give us more than we bargained for! We were able to ask as many questions as we liked to relieve anxieties, some questions very personal to be given advice by someone who practices in Jersey and has experience of midwifery here was fantastic. Needless to say there was also no judgment which instantly made us feel comfortable.

Our sessions consisted of a mixture of things which I felt were extremely beneficial and have set us up for a cool, calm and collected birth. May ran through everything from symptoms I may feel, what will happen when I can or cannot breastfeed, relaxation techniques, my partners role during labour, what to pack in our hospital bags, the medication that could be offered to me and what are the risks, benefits and consequences of this, along with many tools of what different births may look like. We discussed a birthing plan, and everything that I will go through from the minute I walk into the maternity ward for an examination to the moment we leave with the car seat! I can not recommend this enough. There is no way we would have been able to find out all of this information, some personalised and tailored to us, from anyone else in such a realistic perspective. 

I am so very grateful and thankful to May and now at almost 39 weeks pregnant - we are feeling very prepared for what’s to come."

Click here to read Martina's blog about her experience of Hypnobirthing:

"I now feel much less fearful of birth than I was before starting the [group] Hypnobirthing course. I am finally able to feel excited about meeting our little one in a few weeks time. As an anxious person by nature, taking part in the course has given me all the tools I need to boss my birth and also use in everyday life when things become a little stressful. Definitely recommended to anyone who is thinking about doing this course. I think there is a lot of misconceptions about Hypnobirthing and as a former sceptic, I have to say I'm so glad to have done it. Thanks for the support (and of course the yummy cakes!). X"


"My wife signed us up for the hypnobirthing course with May and Jan and I have to admit, I was somewhat apprehensive to begin with, mainly because I had very little knowledge of hypnobirthing prior to our first session. Having completed the course I can now say that I am a huge advocate. It was a far cry from the “airy fairy, mumbo jumbo” that I had feared it may have been and I was relieved to find out in the first session that there is no hypnosis involved. It was in fact very common sense and practical with the main focus being on remaining calm and positive. The course not only covered my wife’s role in the birth but also my role as the partner and as a my wife’s main support. I feel so much more educated about the birth process. I know what my role entails and I’m looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice! Finally, if you need any further convincing, there are home made cakes at every session!"

Liam Hardman, Hypnobirthing Dad!

Jess's Baby Asger

Jessica Barker

"Really enjoyed my session with May this week. Both my husband and I found it really useful to have some one-to-one time with a practising midwife who was so knowledgeable and positive about birth! We found it complemented our other antenatal classes really well and May did a fantastic job of identifying what we needed in such a short space of time.

We were concerned about things not going quite to plan as we’d originally hoped due to a few recent complications but May focused on the positive aspects of all types of birth and equipped us to take control in any situation. Lots of practical tips too and now it’s something I’m looking forward to! Thank you."


"I was sceptical about hypnobirthing, but after hearing so many great reviews from friends I decided to inquire and book in! I’m so glad I did, not only has it been beneficial for me but I feel like it’s really helped my husband too!

I find it really difficult to relax and to control my breathing, and my main worry is panicking on the day, however after my 1-2-1 sessions with May I’m feeling confident and looking forward to using the breathing/relaxing techniques I’ve learnt so far.

It’s great to learn about all the options that’s available too (which I had no idea about) and how you can still remain in control, no matter what happens on the day. Thank you May look forward to the next sessions."

Prenancy in White

A Father's Perspective!

"We decided to do private hypnobirthing classes instead of participating in the other classes offered to us as we found it would be more personal. My sister had originally attended the group hypnobirthing classes and raved about how great they were. After a class with May I realised that I learnt a lot of things and I also received guidance on how to be a good birthing partner.

I recommend these classes to all clueless dads to be like me, I think it’s valuable to have the knowledge of the different stages, methods, drugs that your partner can end up opting for/having and also knowing the pros and cons behind each step. Thank you May, I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice."

Silvio Thomas

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