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Group sessions in a relaxed and friendly environment in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Award-winning antenatal classes for positive, fun and fearless parents!

There's a reason we are rated 5 star by our clients, and here's why...


Positive Birth Jersey offers group Hypnobirthing classes in a friendly and relaxed environment, delivered by two experienced Midwives – May and Jan. Some parents prefer a group environment as it offers the opportunity to meet other expectant parents in Jersey whilst learning and enjoying the amazing experience of Hypnobirthing!


Over the course of 10 hours (split into weekday or weekend sessions), you will enjoy the full Hypnobirthing course which includes complete labour and birth preparation (as usually expected in antenatal classes) AND teaching of full Hypnobirthing techniques. With our combined experience, we have so much to share with you to make your labour and birth a more positive, relaxed and comfortable experience. Click here to find out exactly what we cover in each class.

Please note there is also the option to 'add-on' our Mindful Breastfeeding, Postnatal and Parenthood Programme to your Hypnobirthing course - click here for further information.


(Our classes are often fully booked 3-4 months in advance so advanced booking is recommended).


Please click here to book our courses online. We request a small online deposit payment of £75 to secure your place.



Thank you to Positive Birth (May and Jan) for all the knowledge and understanding you gave to us about birth - it really helped us think about the birth process in a different light. 

My husband was very apprehensive at first about attending Hypnobirthing classes but he loved gaining the knowledge and tools to use during the birthing process, which he used to support me this time round - he made sure my breathing was slow and was great at the light touch massage. 

Being a 2nd time mum and having a difficult birth with our first, which was in hospital, a speedy 5 hour labour and a kiwi delivery - I was very nervous and scared awaiting the second birth. So for my second birth we decided on a home birth (as second births are usually quicker! Plus I wanted a relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of my own home). We also chose to have a water birth, and to my delight it all went to plan and Riley was born Saturday 6th April (2019) at 12.35pm at home in the water.

Here’s my positive birth story:

My surges began at 6 o'clock in the morning, I knew this was it so I got up, had breakfast with my daughter, made sure I was drinking water and started gathering bits together - I put Frankincense oil in a diffuser in the lounge, got a handkerchief dotted with lavender oil which I was breathing in through my surges. I closed the blinds so it was dark atmosphere and we put on relaxing music from YouTube onto the TV and my husband had his job of getting the birthing pool ready. 

The community midwife came down at 10.30am and said I was 7cm dilated already and I was ready to go into the pool - I couldn’t wait ! Once I got in the water the surges got stronger and in my head I was repeating “I can do this!” Along with my breathing , gas and air and support from my husband, our beautiful boy was born in the water and a total labour process of 2 hours!  

I was able to catch him and we decided on delayed cord clamping (which we never knew of before attending Hypnobirthing). I am so happy my husband and I got to experience a positive relaxing calm birth, so thank you so much for giving us the knowledge to have this opportunity and I would recommend this course to anyone expecting a baby, even if it’s their 2nd! It really helped us. Xx

"My husband and I recently completed May and Jan’s hypnobirthing course. I didn’t quite know what to expect but the whole course was amazing. I started the course with a load of anxiety over the birth and how it would go. By the end, I can honestly say that anxiety is gone. Each class was so informative, covering everything you’d want in an antenatal class, but with the added benefit of the relaxation. On top of all that, I feel like I’ve definitely made some wonderful friends. Each class was filled with humour and laughter and I’m already looking forward to us all getting together again once our babies have arrived. Thank you May and Jan. You’re both amazing xx"

My wife signed us up for the hypnobirthing course with May and Jan and I have to admit, I was somewhat apprehensive to begin with, mainly because I had very little knowledge of hypnobirthing prior to our first session. Having completed the course I can now say that I am a huge advocate. It was a far cry from the “airy fairy, mumbo jumbo” that I had feared it may have been and I was relieved to find out in the first session that there is no hypnosis involved. It was in fact very common sense and practical with the main focus being on remaining calm and positive. The course not only covered my wife’s role in the birth but also my role as the partner and as a my wife’s main support. I feel so much more educated about the birth process. I know what my role entails and I’m looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice! Finally, if you need any further convincing, there are home made cakes at every session!

Having been recommended hypnobirthing by a number of friends, I was excited to start the classes but had little knowledge of what hypnobirthing actually entailed, or what would be included in the course content. The classes not only focussed on remaining in a relaxed state when the time comes but were also educational and covered all aspects of birth including breast feeding. I have finished the course feeling so much more educated about the birth process and I feel that both my husband and I will be able to make informed decisions whilst remaining calm. Jan and May were both lovely and approachable and I had no concerns about asking questions during the classes.

Hypnobirthing Dad!

...and Mum!

"Meeting Midwives who actually work in the hospital gives us assurance and understanding."

"I feel more relaxed and ready for this! I can do this!"

"I felt I could ask anything"

"Feeling informed, prepared and looking forward to birth!"

“I went into my second pregnancy fearing giving birth because of my first birth experience but I can honestly say, after our classes, I am excited to give birth - something I never thought you’d hear anyone say! I feel totally in control and I am looking forward to a calm and confident birth. These classes are life changing.”

"We have just finished the group course and can't recommend it enough. [They] you a number of techniques to have a calm and positive birth and arm you with information to ensure you feel informed and empowered, whatever route your birth and labour takes. My attitude to birth has changed so much in four short weeks and I have gone from feeling anxious and fearful to confident and excited."

"Such a non-judgemental approach where I felt comfortable asking silly questions. I never felt you were 'preaching' and I just can't believe how different I feel in 4 short weeks. I was so fearful and anxious and now I can't wait! I really enjoyed the sessions and they made me excited! Would definitely recommend."

"I now feel much less fearful of birth than I was before starting the [group] Hypnobirthing course. I am finally able to feel excited about meeting our little one in a few weeks time. As an anxious person by nature, taking part in the course has given me all the tools I need to boss my birth and also use in everyday life when things become a little stressful. Definitely recommended to anyone who is thinking about doing this course. I think there is a lot of misconceptions about Hypnobirthing and as a former sceptic, I have to say I'm so glad to have done it. Thanks for the support (and of course the yummy cakes!). X"

“Myself and my partner recently completed the group course for Hypnobirthing. May and Jan were absolutely brilliant and the most loveliest of people and we were in a really nice friendly group with 4 other couples. We were not too sure if Hypnobirthing was for us but I can honestly say it was the best decision we made. We both feel like we have learnt so much and are feeling really positive and confident about the upcoming birth of our first child. Thank you so much... you are absolute super star midwives and your knowledge and passion is just incredible.”

"I feel excited about giving birth! - and find myself feeling that I would be missing out if I had to have a c-section. Informative, friendly and open-minded classes with the ability to ask questions.”

“The course was great, and in a lovely friendly environment. I have learnt much more than I expected. It really helped with our knowledge of what we can expect from our birth experience. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. The course has made me want the most natural birth possible; it looked at the birth experience as a whole and made us feel really confident and prepared as a couple that the birth of our first child can be a really positive experience.”

“I looked forward to the course each week. I was quite skeptical about Hypnobirthing and was surprised by the logic, and also that the positives AND negatives were given for birth choices. The course was supported by evidence and we were encouraged to research our own choices, with lots of practical advice too. Great to be in a group environment and share experiences. I’m surprised at how calm and confident a Hypnobirth can be.”

“The course was very useful and informative! Although I have already given birth before, I have learnt SO much about what happened to me first time round. After my first birth I felt very nervous about a second labour, but now I feel excited about giving birth. I enjoyed the cake! Gaining so much knowledge and feeling empowered and in control of my birth and decisions was most enjoyable. Course tutors were really friendly and approachable, and I felt like I could ask any and all questions.”

"Thank you for making us feel more at ease and ready for the arrival of our little boy in around 9 weeks time. At first we were not sure about Hypnobirthing, but after the 4 week course we are excited more than anything about the birth. We will keep practicing! We wound definitely recommend."

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