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Creating A Positive C-Section Experience - The Caesarean Workshop - £180

Here at Positive Birth Jersey, we feel SO passionately about birth being positive, empowering and enjoyable no matter what it looks like - whether that is a caesarean section, birth using an epidural or a water birth! In the U.K. and Jersey, around 25-35% of women with give birth by c-section. Sometimes, c-sections are recommended for the safety of mum and baby; women may also opt for a c-section if they feel it is the best type of birth for them, or for pre-existing medical or pregnancy conditions. 

If you are planning an elective c-section, our private 3 hour Hypnobirthing for Caesarean course may be for you! It is so important that you feel informed, empowered, relaxed and READY for your c-section experience. You still have SO many choices when it comes to caesarean birth.

What's included?:

  • Exploring how you feel about your upcoming c-section

  • What actually happens during a c-section? What happens in theatre? Who does what?

  • Anaesthetic including spinal and general anaesthetic

  • The importance of hormones and relaxation during a c-section

  • Relaxation breathing to remain calm

  • Exploring the gentle (or 'family centred') c-section approach

  • The Golden Hour: the magical first hour after birth including breastfeeding

  • Post-surgery care

  • Going home

  • Writing your birth preferences for a positive c-section, including examples

  • Relaxation script via MP3

  • 'Why C-Section Matters' book

Cost: £175 for 3 hours (taught privately in the comfort of your own home)



"I went in for my C section on the 26th May 2020 and what a lovely experience it was. 

We had one on one Positive Cesarean Workshop with May in the weeks leading up to my due date which was tailored completely to our needs. 

Nervous about the surgery and all matters Covid, May talked in depth about the surgery itself. They say knowledge is power and that was absolutely the case. Having understood the surgery from start to finish and to know what to expect really helped put me at ease in the weeks before my daughters birth. 

The most valuable part of the workshop was that May informed us that we had choices during the surgery and helped us write a birth plan that empowered us to have a more gentle caesarean also known as a natural caesarean

Slightly nervous in the morning of the opp I practiced my up breathing to stay calm. We went in at 7am and met the consultant, Anaesthetist and midwife one at a time who talked my husband and I through their responsible parts of the procedure. It was lovely to meet all of the staff before hand, although thanks to May we already knew each aspect so there were no suprises and we felt very comfortable. We presented our birth plan to each of the opp staff who were happy to proceed with our wishes. This included having our own music on in theature, having a slow birth so as not to shock the baby, having delayed chord clamping and immediate skin to skin. All wonderful aspects that I wouldn’t have known was possible in a C section if it were not for the workshop with May. 

At 10am when our Covid results came back as negative we were walked to the surgery room. The room was much larger than I expected. We put our music on and the operation proceeded. I practiced my up breathing during the initial anaesthetic injections and I can honestly say from start to finish I felt no pain. To put this into perspective the most uncomfortable part of the morning was the Covid swab! During the opp youfeel like your on a rocking bed and that sensation is a little odd but the whole experience was magical. Calleah was passed to me for immediate skin to skin at 10.28 am and stayed with me from there. She wasn’t taken to be weighed or measured, all of which can wait till later which I would not have known if it were not for this workshop. 

Having the immediate skin to skin, asking for Calleah not to be cleaned before passed to me and not to be taken from me until after the first breast feed has meant that we have bonded beautifully and that she took to the breast asap to get that all important golden milk and to give her the best possible start to life.

Thank you May for informing us of our options and for empowering us to communicate our wishes to the theatre staff and for enabling us to have a magical, unforgettable birth. To help describe how special it was, the midwife who attended the theatre said that it was one of the loveliest Cesarean sections she had ever attended. 

Thank you to all the staff in the maternity unit and theatre staff, for looking after me and Calleah and for being so open to our wishes. Our midwife Sarah was incredible, as well as being a fantastic midwife she also took some incredible pictures which will stay with us forever. Also in particular I didn’t catch his name but the lovely Scottish Anaesthetist really really put me at ease, his relaxed demeanour really rubbed off on all of us and made me very calm and even made me laugh several times during the procedure. 

If you know you are having a C Section, for whatever reason, I couldn’t recommended this workshop more."

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