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Creating A Positive C-Section Experience - The Caesarean Workshop

Here at Positive Birth Jersey, we feel SO passionately about birth being positive no matter what it looks like - whether that is a caesarean section, birth using an epidural or a water birth! In the U.K. and Jersey, around 25-30% of women with give birth by c-section. Sometimes, c-sections are recommended for the safety of mum and baby; women may also opt for a c-section if they feel it is the best type of birth for them. 

If you are planning an elective c-section, our private 3 hour Hypnobirthing for Caesarean course may be for you! It is so important that you feel informed, empowered, relaxed and READY for your c-section experience. You still have SO many choices when it comes to caesarean birth.

What's included?:

  • Exploring how you feel about your upcoming c-section

  • What actually happens during a c-section? What happens in theatre? Who does what?

  • Anaesthetic including spinal and general anaesthetic

  • The importance of hormones and relaxation during a c-section

  • Relaxation breathing to remain calm

  • Exploring the gentle (or 'family centred') c-section approach

  • The Golden Hour: the magical first hour after birth including breastfeeding

  • Post-surgery care

  • Going home

  • Writing your birth preferences for a positive c-section, including examples

  • Relaxation script

Cost: £150 for 3 hours (taught privately in the comfort of your own home)