For Calm, Confident and Prepared Parents

Group investment: £75 for 3.5 hour course OR £125 for 6.5 hour course 

Private investment: £175 for 3 hour course


Positive Birth Jersey is excited to offer the latest postnatal preparation course - The Positive Birth Jersey Mindful Breastfeeding, Postnatal and Parenthood Preparation programme! Preparing for life with a new little baby can be exciting, daunting and a little overwhelming - but our course is here to help.

The shortened version (breastfeeding add-on) is 3.5 hours, and will include the below in-depth breastfeeding education. The extended 6.5 hour course (when available) will feature a second half, taught by Yvette Jones.

The course is the perfect 'add-on' to your Hypnobirthing course, or suitable as a stand alone course too. Delivered by qualified Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioners May and Jan (as well as qualified Health Visitor/Paediatric Nurse and postnatal specialist Yvette Jones in the extended 6.5 hour course), feel confident and prepared as you discover what to expect in the early days with a newborn!


What's covered?


The first part of this course (3 hours) is delivered by midwives May and Jan. They will discuss:

Breastfeeding in-depth

  • Why is breastfeeding so important?

  • Skin-to-skin contact and establishing breastfeeding after birth

  • The physiology of lactation and breastfeeding

  • Hormones involved with breastfeeding and how to get these right!

  • Normal newborn feeding behaviour

  • Recognising effective positioning and attachment

  • Recognising a 'good latch'

  • Commonly encountered breastfeeding problems and overcoming these 

  • How partners can help with breastfeeding


The second part of this course if you choose to do the extended course when available (3 hours) is delivered by Yvette Jones. She will cover:

Postnatal and Parenthood

  • The Fourth Trimester: the trimester that no one tells you about!

  • Early newborn days: looking at the 'average' baby from day 1 to day 21

  • Basic newborn care, including: nappy changing, bathing and swaddling. Hands on practice for parents!​​

  • Normal newborn behaviour, including: baby's cues and signals, sleep, feeding and growth spurts

  • Managing the challenges and changes that having a newborn baby brings, including relationships

  • Attachment theory - why do babies cry?

  • Baby's brain and cognitive development

  • The importance of postnatal mental health for parents

  • Rewriting your thought processes about parenthood: what's right for YOU and your baby? Includes self-care and support for new families.

Who can do the course?

This course is suitable for everyone - whether you are already signed up to a Positive Birth Jersey Hypnobirthing course or not. Take the opportunity to meet other like-minded parents and gain a greater depth of knowledge about life after birth! You can attend the course as a couple, or on your own - we don't mind!

When should I do the course?

You can take this course at any stage during your pregnancy, in order to prepare for parenthood!


This 3.5 - 6.5 hour course is usually held every 2-3 months. Please see our bookings page for availability.

Please click here to book your group course online.

Plenty of useful breastfeeding resources and information can be found via the Baby Friendly Initiative website - the gold standard for breastfeeding