It was in as early as 1955 that The British Medical Association concluded that hypnosis had a place in childbirth and it was recommended that all Doctors should be trained in hyponosis due to the amazing effects it had on birthing women (this still hasn't happened, but we can carry on dreaming!). Fast forward to 2018, and Hypnobirthing is becoming an increasingly popular and desired antenatal and birth programme for many couples.  

What IS Hypnobirthing?!

  • An antenatal programme that gives you a vast amount of knowledge, tools and techniques for a positive and calm birth experience

  • Complete birth preparation

  • Gentle and logical

  • Powerful and achievable! 

  • Positive words, breathing techniques and visualisations to induce deep relaxation during labour and birth

  • A toolbox of techniques to have the best birth for YOU

  • Suitable for EVERY type of birth - yes, caesarean section included! 

  • Evidence based - we know it works!

What ISN'T Hypnobirthing?!

  • Stage hypnosis! (No eating onions or clucking like a chicken involved - but you will use your own natural abilities to induce deep relaxation or self-hypnosis)

  • Only for natural birth - not true! We discuss ALL types of birth in our classes and how each type is AMAZING.

  • Vague and 'hippy' - nope! We KNOW it works. We see it work daily in our jobs as Midwives. It is totally logical, rational and evidence-based (we love statistics, yay!)

Positive Birth Jersey was established with the aim of providing mothers, fathers and birth partners with knowledge, tools and techniques to build positivity, strength and confidence in pregnancy and birth. Athletes will prepare (both mentally and physically) for months ahead of events, races or competitions - yet as women, we often feel totally unprepared for what lies ahead when it comes to birth and parenthood. Why, I hear you ask - when we know that knowledge really is power?! If you don't know your options then, quite frankly, you don't have any - and that's where Hypnobirthing comes in. 

Traditionally, Hypnobirthing programmes have focussed on the achievement of a ‘natural’ birth. However, we know that there is also a very important place for Hypnobirthing in the presence of caesarean sections (planned or unplanned), births where things don’t quite go to plan and for women who may have anxieties or fears surrounding childbirth.

Positive Birth Jersey delivers both group sessions as well as private, one-to-one Hynobirthing classes in the comfort of your own home. Hypnobirthing has a huge amount of fantastic benefits including:

  • You are likely to experience a more comfortable birth

  • Your baby is likely to arrive in to a more relaxed environment

  • You may be less likely to request the use of drugs (pain relief)

  • You may require less medical intervention during labour and birth

  • Length of labour can be much shorter with the use of Hypnobirthing

  • Women often report that their babies are calmer following a birth using Hypnobirthing techniques

  • Your birth partner(s) will learn how to support you during labour and birth, and have an active role during the experience

Check out the Course Information for further details about how our classes can help you achieve the birth you would like!


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