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The big stuff, the little stuff - and all of it in between!

And Breathe... You're Here! 
An Introduction to Hypnobirthing


  • Debunking the myths about Hypnobirthing!

  • An introduction to hypnotherapy

  • Exploring your ideal birth

  • The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle: including why One Born Every Minute really isn't that great! (Yes, really!)

  • The impact of words and language

  • Exploring the power of your mind

  • Muscles of the uterus - an introduction to your awesome anatomy!

  • Hormones and your nervous systems - Oxytocin vs. Adrenaline!

  • Relaxation and visualisation practice (scripts)

Call The Midwife! Hypnobirthing Techniques and the First Stage of Labour


  • ​Physical aspects of pregnancy: baby's position, your physical wellbeing and your pelvic floor

  • What really is labour?!

  • All about early labour and the first stage of labour

  • Breathing: 'Up' breathing

  • Visualisations and Up breathing

  • Options for you in labour: what else is available in Jersey? (From paracetamol, to waterbirth and epidural!)

  • Anchors for relaxation: including touch, smell and sound

  • Statements for a positive and empowering birth (think: you got this, mama!)

  • Active positions for birth! 

  • Being a good birth partner - including light touch massage practice 

  • Relaxation and visualisation practice (scripts)

The Final Push: The Second Stage of Labour.
Navigating Your Birth Path, Making Decisions and Choice


  • The 'due date' fallacy- why are we so obsessed with them?!

  • Induction of labour

  • Encouraging labour naturally

  • Informed choices and decisions: gathering information and evidence to make the right choice for YOU

  • Taking responsibility for your birth

  • The second stage of labour

  • Breathing: 'Down' breathing

  • Down breathing and visualisations

  • Minimising the chance of tearing, including perineal massage techniques

  • Relaxation and visualisation practice (scripts)

The Final Touches and Looking Ahead - Thinking About Your Birth Preferences


  • The third stage of labour - your placenta in all it's glory!

  • Home birth or hospital birth - what's right for you?

  • Caesarean Section - why, and what to expect

  • The Golden Hour: skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping, Vitamin K

  • Breastfeeding basics

  • What to pack in your hospital bag

  • How to write your birth preferences

  • Relaxation and visualisation practice (scripts)

Mindful Breastfeeding, Postnatal and Parenthood


Click here for further information.

  • Breastfeeding in-depth: normal newborn feeding behaviour, effective positioning and attachment, recognising a 'good latch', commonly encountered breastfeeding issues and the importance of hormones during breastfeeding.

  • Basic newborn care, including: nappy changing, bathing and swaddling.

  • Normal newborn behaviour, including: baby's cues and signals, sleep, feeding and growth spurts.

  • Physical and emotional aspects of new parenthood, mindfulness and relaxation

Positive Birth-11.jpg

What's included in your full course?

- Positive Birth Jersey reusable cotton tote bag

- The Positive Birth Jersey Course Companion: written by us - our new 64-page guide to your Hypnobirthing course, including sections for note-taking and reflection. Packed full of information!

- Hypnobirthing: Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better book by Siobhan Miller

- 6x relaxation MP3 audios (scripts) on SoundCloud (3 of these are written and recorded by May and Jan)

- Positive birth affirmation cards in a hessian drawstring bag. Our gift to you!

Copyright Positive Birth Jersey 2017. Please note that these classes are intended as Hypnobirthing classes only and do not replace the role of your named Midwife / Doctor / Caregiver. This course is no way intended to offer medical or Midwifery advice. 

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