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Delivered to suit your individual needs and lifestyle
Please email to enquire about 1:1 courses


As well as group classes, we are delighted to offer private, one-to-one Hypnobirthing classes in the comfort of your own home. Some parents prefer this option if they have busy working schedules or if they have chosen to practice Hypnobirthing later on in their pregnancy. Some parents also prefer the idea of the course 1:1 rather than in a group environment. Sessions can be arranged to suit a day and time you choose and we are able to work flexibly around your lifestyle. 

FULL PRIVATE COURSE (approx. 9 hours) - £500

Includes the full content mentioned here

MINI PRIVATE COURSE (approx. 6 hours) - £375

The Hypnobirthing basics

You can also choose to add the Mindful Breastfeeding, Postnatal and Parenthood Programme to your private course (an additional 3 hours), at a further cost of £200.

Other options:

Private refresher sessions - £180

A 2.5 hour course private course for those who have previously practiced Hypnobirthing (with us, or another provider) and just need a 'top up'! We are able to tailor bespoke packages to respond to your individual requirements and circumstances in the comfort of your own home.

Build-your-own private group!

Have a a friend who is pregnant too, or even a group of you who are all pregnant at the same time?! We are able to offer you a private group course together with your friends in the comfort of your own home. Please get in touch for further information.​

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