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Rosa and Hugh


A Positive Planned C-Section

Starting my pregnancy I was nervous about what to expect, from pregnancy, delivery and life as a first time mum. We took the Hypnobirthing classes and I had the intention of a natural delivery. My pregnancy was easy in relative terms and I took it in my stride. I was fortunate enough not to have any complications and wasn’t even affected by morning sickness. My only difficulty was sleep which I put down as nature training me for what was to come! At about 26 weeks I was told I was measuring big and sent for growth scans every two weeks. 

Leading up to my due date I became more and more stressed with the fact I was being told how big my baby was but with no plan for what that meant. 

Having taken the course I felt much more empowered with my decisions. I utilised my right to say no to the final scans knowing that they were causing me more stress than reassurance and ultimately would not change anything.

Passing due date I opted for two sweeps but with baby not near moving I took the decision to opt for an elective c-section (something that I was very vocal about avoiding when I first got pregnant). The procedure was so calm. I went into theatre at 10.30am and Hugh Michael McKeown was born at 11.11am, a healthy 9lb 12oz. We opted for delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin - he fed from me immediately. For me and my baby c-section was absolutely the right choice and didn’t take away from the experience in any way whatsoever, in fact, as a bit of a control freak it brought me more calm from the situation. 

My recovery was quick and I didn’t feel debilitated for long. This, I know, is different for everyone but my experience was good. C-section was absolutely the right choice for me and my baby, I’m just grateful that May and Jan were able to teach me about my options and empower me to make the right decision for me and Hugh. Thank you x x

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