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...with baby Brandr!

"It has been 6 weeks since I have given birth and I still can’t believe how calm and straightforward it was. This was definitely down to hypnobirthing!

I spent early labour at home with my husband and dog watching funny movies and going for walks on the beach  in order to get the oxytocin flowing. It was a very special day knowing that it was our last  as a family of three and I wasn’t at all uncomfortable, scared or nervous about what was to come. 

Active labour was a powerful experience and I managed it with hypnobirthing methods and minimal pain relief- no epidural - which was exactly what I wanted.

Being able to remember every sensation of the birth of our little boy is an amazing feeling! 

I also had a very speedy recovery with no follow up medical care required. I definitely put this down to the preparation, breathing techniques and mentality encouraged by hypnobirthing.  

Obviously May being on duty and delivering our little boy was just an added bonus!!

Hypnobirthing taught me not to fear birth and the results speak for themselves.  More importantly, it educated me on every aspect of birth, including potential medical interventions, which meant I had the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions for me and my baby."

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