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First time mama - baby Valentina

"I found out about the Postive Birth Jersey Hypnobirthing course through social media and I was very intrigued to find out more about it as there were always so many positive reviews - it was very eye catching. I also knew a couple of people who had been on the course and they all said great things about it.

The name 'Hypnobirthing' however, put me off, especially because of my beliefs and religion - my Mum also felt the same. I wanted both my husband and my Mum at the birth, and I wanted them to attend the course with me but firstly I needed my Mum to agree that she'd be present. So before making a decision I contacted May to ask about the course and asked if at any point I'd be put under hypnosis. May advised this wouldn't be the case and that the course was about giving me all the knowledge and tools for a positive birth. I shared this with my Mum and she just said 'let's give it a try'. My Mum's confirmation that she was okay with the course was very important to me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone ahead with it.

Having the private one to one sessions with May at home taught us so much. We all came out of the first session feeling empowered and looked forward to the next one.

The course gave me so much knowledge and helped me decide how I wanted my birth to be. It gave me the confidence to believe in my choices, strength to challenge the norm and make informed decisions throughout my pregnancy. Had I not completed this course I probably would have had a hospital birth (with that being the norm) and listened to professional advice.

Our beautiful little baby girl was born at home in a birthing pool and it was just so amazing! We even recorded it all on video. Every time I watch it back I cry. It was lovely being able to fully relax in my own environment, allowing high levels of oxytocin (the 'love' hormone) to flow! As a first time Mummy, I was in active labour for only 4 hours and just had gas and air in the last hour.

I truly believe that this course and having baby at home was the reason why I experienced such a calm, smooth and positive birth, and I am extremely happy that everything went as planned and exactly how I wanted it to. I can't recommend this course and May enough. Thank you so so much."

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