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Positivity. Strength. Confidence.

You Got This Mama!

Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Winner - Best Hypnobirthing​ and Antenatal Education Specialists in The Channel Islands

Leaders in Wellbeing Award Jersey 2020 Winner

Positive Birth Jersey was established with the aim of providing parents and birth partners with knowledge, tools and techniques to build positivity, strength and confidence in pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 

Positive Birth Jersey offers Midwife-led Hypnobirthing classes (both group and private), as well as Mindful Breastfeeding, Postnatal and Parenthood preparation programmes. Approved and accredited by The Royal College of Midwives, Hypnobirthing is simple, logical and practical; it teaches women to enter a deep state of relaxation during birth, whilst offering complete antenatal education and birth preparation.

Hypnobirthing does not put pressure on you to have a 'perfect birth' - nor does it idealise a 'pain free' birth! Instead, we focus on providing you with balanced evidence about birth, whilst offering a safe space for you both to learn, engage and ask questions! We are passionate about giving you a set of amazing tools that will help you navigate ALL births.

So, what sets Positive Birth Jersey Hypnobirthing classes above the rest?! Our classes are SO much more than just Hypnobirthing! We, of course, equip you with the full toolbox of amazing Hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques, but also deliver a full antenatal and birth preparation programme - from the physiology of labour and birth, how to navigate the modern maternity system, understanding research and recommendations, and how to make informed decisions that are right for you (believe it or not, there are many decisions and choices you will have to make during your pregnancy and birth - and guess what, you're in control!) Click here to see exactly what we cover.

Forward-thinking, modern, inspiring and fun, Hypnobirthing and parenthood preparation courses with Positive Birth Jersey make a difference to your experience of giving birth, and give you the tools to give your baby the best start in life. We are pretty confident when we say that you will leave our classes feeling inspired, informed, calm, confident and prepared for positive birth and parenthood - whatever that may look like to you!

Gift vouchers available for all services.

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Instagram: @positivebirthjersey

As featured:

Manner Magazine - click here.

ITV Channel TV - click here.

Jersey Evening Post - click here.

May, founder of Positive Birth Jersey, shares her birth story here.

"My attitude to birth has changed so much in four short weeks and I have gone from feeling anxious and fearful to confident and excited." - Hypnobirthing mother (Positive Birth Jersey)

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